July 14, 2023 - Clark Bartram

Join host Clark Bartram on Get Busy Livin as he engages in a captivating conversation with Bruce Cardenas, who shares his remarkable transition from being a police officer to playing a crucial role in building Quest Nutrition. Explore the importance of cultivating a strong business culture and embracing personal branding. Discover the value of authenticity, the impact of culture on employee satisfaction, and the significance of appreciation and respect. Gain insights into building meaningful relationships, effective communication, and active listening. Uncover Bruce's coaching aspirations, focusing on men over 50 in the startup phase, and learn about the importance of self-awareness, coachability, and aligning decisions with personal values. Connect with Bruce on his website, brucecardenas.com, and follow his Instagram (@BruceECardenas). Tune in for valuable insights, inspiration, and empowerment to conquer self-doubt on your professional journey.


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