"Unlocking the Power of Community: A Blueprint for Personal Growth and Success"

March 24, 2024
"Unlocking the Power of Community: A Blueprint for Personal Growth and Success"
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Today, I want to delve deep into the community aspect because it's been my experience that many men in my program tend to overlook the importance of community. Think about any successful organization in the world: the church is a community, AA is a community, NA is a community, sports are a community, the military is a community, and if done right, corporations are also a form of community. If you don't tap into community when running a business and feed off each other, you're essentially dealing with a bunch of individuals, which can lead to chaos and various issues.

So, tapping into a healthy community is crucial. However, there are also many unhealthy communities out there, and I believe that's the first aspect we need to unpack and analyze when it comes to improving our lives – evaluating the communities we're currently involved in. Take golf, for example. Many of the guys I coach are golfers who belong to country clubs, which are typically communities of men. While women are also present, the image that often comes to mind is a group of white men in white t-shirts and shorts, enjoying fancy drinks, hopping onto golf carts, and heading off to play as a foursome.

I've had numerous men tell me that they participate in similar activities and enjoy spending time with their buddies at the club. However, despite the enjoyment and camaraderie, it's essential to ask yourself whether this community serves your best interests. Is it helping you achieve your goals, whether it's getting in better shape, being a faithful husband, or managing alcohol consumption and its associated behaviors, such as unhealthy eating habits?

For instance, after a few drinks, many men find themselves indulging in unhealthy eating habits. Despite feeling guilty afterward, they continue to justify returning to the same community. I once had a client who struggled with this issue repeatedly. I advised him to reconsider his membership at the country club, stressing that his health should be his top priority. While membership might symbolize status and offer business opportunities, these factors should not outweigh the importance of maintaining good health to support family, business, and personal energy levels.

If a community isn't serving your best interests, even if you cherish the relationships within it, it's essential to distance yourself from it for a while. This doesn't necessarily mean severing ties or canceling memberships; it means embracing change and seeking out different environments. Although your friends might mock or resist this change initially, they'll eventually come to respect your decisions if they see you're serious about improving your life.

Once you step away from such communities, the immature behaviors and pressures diminish. It's akin to maturing from adolescence to adulthood. Your relationships may evolve, and some may even fade away, following the principle of "season, reason, or lifetime."

However, navigating life alone isn't the answer. Look at professional athletes – they thrive on the community established in their locker rooms. During playoffs, for instance, you'll often witness celebrations and camaraderie that naturally boost testosterone levels. Being part of a community of like-minded individuals can elevate standards and foster growth. In such communities, individuals hold each other accountable and strive to improve collectively.

In life, you'll alternate between receiving and delivering valuable insights within your community. This reciprocal exchange fuels growth and strengthens the bond of brotherhood. Those who resist community involvement often struggle the most, but once they embrace it, they experience transformative growth.

We, as humans, thrive in small communities. Mega-churches and large organizations miss this point. That's why my coaching program emphasizes smaller, more intimate groups, akin to the Navy SEALs' approach. We unite for collective messages but operate within smaller units to ensure personalized support and accountability.

I take pride in cultivating a community that supports men in various aspects of life, not just fitness. Whether it's marriage, finance, health, or personal challenges, our community stands ready to provide support and encouragement. By being actively involved in this community, men can find strength and resilience to navigate life's challenges effectively.

In conclusion, embracing a positive community is essential for personal growth and success. Being the best version of yourself benefits not only you but also everyone in your circle. So, seek out positive communities, and as always, make it a great day.