Show Up, Show Out

March 09, 2024
Show Up, Show Out
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How do you "show up"? When you are invited to a party, a work meeting, a family function, or any place where people are gathering, how do you show up? I don’t think that we give that enough thought as we prepare to be around other humans. Sure, we take a shower, brush our teeth, and pick out some decent clothes (hopefully), but what do we do to get our minds set to be "that dude"?

There’s always gonna be “that dude” in any and every room, the guy that stands out, not necessarily for his look, but more for the energy that he infiltrates the room with. I’m not talking about being over the top loud, obnoxious, or even super aggressive, but what I’m trying to get across is there is an energy that surrounds each and every one of us. Remember Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown cartoon? The cloud that followed him everywhere he went, it affected the people, the room, the atmosphere. We all have an aura, what color is yours? How do you affect the room? Is the energy field an excellent one, or one that makes people wanna get away as soon as possible?

Myself, I know that I’m that dude because, like choosing the right outfit, I choose the right energy and attitude. I talk to myself, I lift my own spirits first, I am my own hype man, and there’s an intention behind it. My personal mission statement is “to positively and powerfully affect everyone I come into contact with.” That’s where it all starts for me. Knowing that is why I wake up each day; it’s easy for me to prep my mind and get myself in a mental state to where I am bringing my best self in an effort to have everyone elevate after having encountered me.

You must decide and understand that this is a decision, a process, and something that anyone and everyone should do. It pays huge dividends, and huge dividends shouldn’t be the goal; impacting people and representing yourself in the best light is, or should be your driving force.