May 05, 2023 - Clark Bartram

In this episode of Get Busy Livin, host Clark Bartram talks to young entrepreneur Alex Kim about his innovative fitness equipment, the Smart Sled, and the state of the fitness industry. Using permanent magnet motors controlled via Bluetooth, the Smart Sled provides athletes with constant tension and challenge during their workouts, combining strength, cardio, and agility training all in one session. The sled's data analytics can also help athletes track their progress and motivation. Kim also shares his experience with eccentric training and periodization for muscle strength and mass gains. Additionally, the conversation touches on entrepreneurship and the challenges of introducing new fitness equipment to the market. Kim emphasizes the importance of innovation and staying ahead of the competition, as his unique product has already attracted big companies' attention. He also shares his journey into fitness and engineering, his practical experience, and collaboration in the industry. 

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