March 17, 2023 - Clark Bartram

Who Is Clark Bartram - Get Busy Livin #1

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Clark Bartram is a celebrated fitness expert, former US Marine, and accomplished fitness model, writer, and trainer. He has established himself as one of the world's top online trainers and previously hosted a TV fitness show. Clark's passion for sports led him to pursue bodybuilding and then became a personal trainer, earning the prestigious title of ISSA Master Trainer.

Clark continues to offer online fitness coaching, focusing on men over 50. Clark is also the founder and host of the Get Busy Livin' podcast

0:00 - Introduction: Who is Clark Bartram
1:15 - Clark's Background in Fitness
2:30 - Turning Passion into a Career
4:00 - Building a Personal Brand
5:20 - Clark's Training Philosophy
6:45 - Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips
8:10 - Importance of Mental Health
9:35 - Get Busy Livin' Movement
11:00 - Clark's Personal Achievements
12:30 - Overcoming Challenges & Obstacles
13:55 - Advice for Aspiring Fitness Professionals
15:00 - Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

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