March 24, 2023 - Clark Bartram

Super Bowl Stories with ex-49ers linebacker Gary Plummer - Get Busy Livin #2 

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15 Year NFL Vet and Super Bowl Champion, Gary Plummer joins us today to talk about his experience playing in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl with NFL Legends, Jerry Rice and Steve Young. Gary Plummer also shares his experiences playing in the USFL, facing off against legendary quarterbacks like John Elway, and the importance of being a smart player.

Plummer talks about how Junior Seau's arrival in 1990 changed the intensity of the team and how working out with Seau helped him extend his career. Plummer also mentions an incident in which Seau was kicked out of a game against the Houston Oilers for talking trash to one of their offensive linemen, Bruce Matthews.

The conversation also touches on the dangers of concussions and the impact they have on athletes and military personnel. The episode ends with a discussion about the benefits of weightlifting and how one person can change a team's dynamics.

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