August 11, 2023 - Clark Bartram

In this podcast episode of Get Busy Livin, Clark Bartram and Brett Weiss explore the world of wellness products, including CBD, THC, mushrooms, and microdosing. Our special guest, Brett Weiss, shares his journey as an entrepreneur and the fascinating insights behind his company "Mushroom Lyfe." Discover the differences between hemp and marijuana, the benefits of CBD, and the emerging trend of Delta-8 THC. Brett reveals heartwarming testimonials from customers who have experienced life-changing effects from CBD products. We also delve into the potential benefits of mushrooms and other plant-based medicines, shedding light on their growing acceptance in society. Don't miss this engaging conversation packed with valuable information on wellness, entrepreneurship, and the future of natural health products. Follow Brett on Instagram (@Bsmilinlife24), explore his websites ( and, and grab an exclusive 35% discount on purchases using the code "ClarkB." Plus, stay tuned for Brett's inspirational "13 words of Mojo" for a healthier and happier lifestyle! 


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